Five Ways To Abstain From Sex In College-A College Kid’s Guide!

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Photo:  Teen Health Source

College students are always faced with temptation when it comes to having sex. Some students struggle to fight this temptation on a daily basis while on campus but below are five ways students can practice abstinence while in college.

  1. Some partners aren’t willing to wait for you so choose a relationship with someone who shares the same values or commitments as you do or deeply respects your decision to wait to have sex.

  2. Emotions are high when you are dealing with someone. Those emotions can take over when you are extremely physically attracted to that person, so avoid places where you can spend extended times alone with someone that you’re physically attracted to.

  3. Everyone is human so turn your sexual urges into other positive activities such as dancing, exercising, cooking, studying, going out with friends, or any other activities that you personally enjoy.

  4. Seek support from outside sources. If you are struggling to abstain from sex there are programs and ways you can seek help to suppress those extreme sexual urges such as joining an organization that focuses on abstinence or celibacy; churches offer weekly meetings and seminars, parents, pastor, teacher, like-minded friends, and even online forums.

  5. Openly communicate to your partner or significant other what your goal is by abstaining from sex. For many people abstaining from sex is spiritual or maybe you feel it will make your relationship stronger. Whatever it is, make sure you let your partner know why you choose to abstain from sex and stand firm in that decision.

If you are struggling to fight temptation, then use the five ways above to abstain from sex in college. Use these tools and enjoy your college years. After all, it’s supposed to be one of your best experiences before entering adulthood.

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