More Than a Safe Place-Six Benefits of After-school Programs for Students and Parents!


                                         Photo: Arkansas Dream Center

After-school programs aren’t just for students to have a safe environment while their parents are still at work, there are other beneficiaries of after-school programs. Check out six benefits of after-school programs for children and parents below.

1) After-school programs can help students build confidence who have learning and attention issues. An after-school program may be more forgiving than a school which will allow the child to learn new things and even take more risks.

2) A child’s parent(s) also has advantages of an after-school program. According to a study done by UCLA, 75 percent of parents surveyed said they felt more energy and less stress in the evenings since enrolling their children in an after-school program.

3) A good after-school program promotes respect, cooperation, and support. This allows a student to improve their social skills because they feel secure about joining a game or starting a conversation with another student at the program.

4) Since parent(s) enroll their child or children into after-school programs and it creates less stress, parent(s) are better regarded by their employers. Seventy-four percent of parents agreed that after-school programs made it easier for them to keep their job.

5) After-school programs allow students to build extra energy through physical activity. After-school programs may provide students with healthy meals and snacks. Staff members can also educate children on proper nutrition.

6) Children have already finished their homework by the time they get home because many after-school programs assist students with their work. This allows the parent(s) to simply just review their child or children’s work if they like and it leaves more room for the parent(s) to spend quality time with their significant other or children.

Children and parents can both benefit from after-school programs as you see above. So if your child or children are struggling in their learning, social life, and you want more quality time with the family, read the six advantages of after-school programs. It just might change your life.

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