The Atlanta Children’s Shelter

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According to the Atlanta Youth Center, there is 3,374 homeless youth on the streets of Metro Atlanta. Here’s how the Atlanta Children’s Shelter is helping out the community.

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter provides quality daycare, emotional services, and educational curriculum for homeless children in Atlanta.

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Samantha Foster and her four-year-old son Daunte Gardner are one of the many families benefiting from the Atlanta Children’s Shelter.

“Atlanta Children’s Shelter is heaven and God’s sent,” says Foster. “They benefited me in every area that I can think of. It saved me a lot of money. It’s helping me transition into my place with my family faster because I don’t have to pay for traditional daycare.”

“I ended up in the women’s shelter at Solomon’s Temple due to some bad choices I made in my personal life with a failed marriage and domestic violence issues,” Foster adds.

Billie Walker, the Childcare Manager, wants to help many more like Samantha in the Atlanta area.

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                                 Photo: The Atlanta Children’s Shelter

“How I became involved with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter is that I was once a client. In 2006, I was homeless myself with my four-year-old son at the time so just like the parents that I get to serve every single day that parent in 2006 was me,” says Walker.

“So I know single handily and through my own experiences what it’s like to face homelessness or to be a parent and being homeless at the same time. It’s a very critical state to be in, very sensitive, very much at the mercy of the individuals that are supporting you and helping you,” Walker adds.

“We’re working tiredly to help to change families that are currently in a homeless state. We’re bringing stability to families every single year about 29 to 30 families and were helping them to move from being homeless to stable. Over 90 to 100 percent of our families leave here self-sufficient,” says Walker.

Due to the efforts of people like Mrs. Walker and the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to end homelessness, homeless families in the Metro Atlanta area have a haven for their children and a chance to reach stability.

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To donate and get involved with the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, head to

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